Random Café

We recently had the pleasure of working on a community project for The Random Cafe, a non-profit organisation based in Watford. Random Cafe’s mission is to reduce food waste and combat food poverty by intercepting surplus food and making it available to the community. They achieve this by running a pay-as-you-feel café, where customers can enjoy a delicious meal made from surplus ingredients and pay what they feel the food is worth, or what they can afford.

Random Cafe’s popularity had grown rapidly, and they were in need of a new space to continue their vital work. This is where Primrose Projects came in. We were approached by Random Café to design and build a new building that would serve as their new premises.

Our team worked closely with Random Café to understand their needs and requirements for the new building. We designed a space that would provide them with ample room for food storage, preparation, and cooking, as well as a welcoming and comfortable dining area for their customers. The building also needed to be environmentally sustainable, using sustainable materials and energy-efficient technologies wherever possible.

Once the design was finalised, our team began construction, working closely with Random Café to ensure that the building was built to their exact specifications. We used sustainable materials, such as home-grown larch wood  to reduce the building’s environmental impact. We also incorporated energy-efficient technologies, such as a heat pump and LED lighting, to minimise the building’s energy consumption.

The result was a beautiful and functional building that perfectly met Random Cafe’s needs. The new space has allowed Random Cafe to expand their services, providing even more support to the community and creating a welcoming space for customers to enjoy a meal and socialise.

Working on this project was a real pleasure for our team, and we are proud to have contributed to Random Cafe’s vital work in reducing food waste and combating food poverty in the community. If you’re interested in learning more about Random Café, please visit their website for more information.