Environmental Policy

Respecting the environment should be considered as an essential part of our activities and objectives. Our desire is to make a positive contribution to conserving those natural resources considered to be of ecological, scenic, scientific, cultural or recreational interest, through the progressive environmental integration of our activities, and through awareness and compliance to all environmental legislation that affects us.

All personnel should be aware of these principles. They are described more specifically in the following action priorities:

The integration of Environmental and Quality Management Systems in all operations, activities and services linked to our projects or directly related to them.

Establishing procedures to familiarise and update us with regard to the legal requirements that affect us, as well as customising the procedures to each construction site.

Awareness of and adherence to current codes relating to good environmental practices in our market sector, as well as awareness of any possible future codes.

The entire organisation’s commitment to continuous improvement through analysis, based on technical and economical criteria, new and preferably preventative procedures, measures and practices that are aimed at progressively improving our environmental behaviour.

Our operatives and managers will progressively increase their knowledge in environmental material, through training plans.

Maintaining internal audit plans as a tool for forecasting the environmental effects of our activities and controlling the efficiency of the applied measures.

Periodically adapting our Environmental Policy to the new environmental demands.

Maintaining communication channels open with relevant external agents, letting our environmental conservation activities be known.

Actively participating in the efforts made by the government and social partners in providing new solutions to environmental problems in our surroundings.

Policy review: This policy has immediate effect and replaces all previous versions. This policy will be reviewed periodically and amended as necessary.