A secluded workout space for Bogdan

Bogdan’s gym in Rickmansworth was built to take some serious weight!

The floor was designed to take the point loads created by the weight racks and resistance machines. The rear wall is clad with full height mirror to give the space an unmistakable gym-like feel.

Air conditioning is a must for a garden gym and the Samsung system installed by Primrose has a manufacturers warranty of five years and can be controlled remotely via a smart phone app.

Some garden room builders insist on a level site and leave it to the client to arrange the levelling works separately. The primrose philosophy put the client’s needs at the centre of everything they do. Accordingly, all associated landscaping can be completed by the team to provide a seamless turnkey service. Bogdan’s garden rises up at the preferred garden room location, but it is also in a very secluded and shielded spot. It was therefore decided that the garden room could sit higher with steps leading up to the gym thereby removing the need to level the site.