Work from home space for Pauline and Rob

Here at Primrose we never shy away from the unusual, the tricky or the awkward…

And so it was that Pauline and Rob decided to appoint Primrose to build a small garden office. Easy enough? Well, sort of…there was an established pond teaming with of wildlife to relocate, there were a number of rare and beautiful plants (including the corkscrew willow tree you see in the photos) and very little space in which to store materials or set up a working area – oh and Luna the puppy to keep safe!

With a Primrose you get more than just a new garden room, you get thoughtful consideration of your needs and a willingness to embrace responsibility to deliver a turnkey, stress-free service.

If you’ve been struggling to find a garden room company that can meet your needs, or if you are finding that they are not interested in doing the whole job, why not get in touch today – Primrose Projects are different.