About Primrose

Our organisation is built on the principles of first-rate service and professionalism; Primrose has always sought to exceed expectations and shatter preconceptions.

By acting as a main contractor and project manager we embrace responsibility and take ownership to deliver; on time and on budget leaving architects free to focus on the quality of their designs.

We encourage constant open communication to achieve mutual understanding and trust; an approach, which we feel, is the reason almost all of our business is gained through recommendations.

Our teams centre around an experienced core of long-serving site managers whose combined experience provide the knowledge and leadership to make even the most challenging project run smoothly. We treat our people well and, as a result, have a very low employee turnover with many key people having served for over ten years.

We collaborate with many London based architects and regularly receive invitations for competitive tenders and in some cases, negotiated tenders where we advise on the costs of schemes as they are being drawn and help engineer the best possible value for the client.

Sean Carter


From the head office in Watford, Sean and his team deal with procurement, tendering and general contract administration.

Callum Ryan


By monitoring site activities Callum is on hand to make sure, after all of the planning, on site operations are executed with precision and care.