A retreat for Tim and Reene

Nestled amongst the established shrubbery, this garden retreat provides a quiet place to enjoy the evening sun…

One of the challenges we often come across is where a garden is elevated at towards the rear – i.e. an uphill garden. In such cases there is a risk that, even a modestly sized garden room, will appear monolithic and overbearing. The topography of Tim and Reene’s garden in West Hampstead meant that the garden room floor level would be one metre above the lawn level. Although not ideal, it is possible to create a garden room that is not awkward to get too or overbearing to look at.

Here we advised against using red cedar cladding in favour of a darker and more subtle home grown larch. Similarly, the a muted shade for the composite decking, which was crafted to fit around the established plants so that the hard edges of the structure were visually softened.

Having made these design choices at the planning stage, Primrose were happy to adjust the size of the room mid-build when it became apparent that there was an opportunity to build into a corner that would otherwise become dead-space. This is an example of why a bespoke, made-on-site, garden room from Primrose Project is so different from something made in a factory and bolted together on site.

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