Materials cost are on the rise but Primrose are being pro-active

It has been hard to ignore the recent supply chain issues impacting many construction operations. Timber, aluminium, glass, cement products and sheet materials have all been affected.

There has been a recent global increase in demand for materials, caused by pent-up demand as economies start their post Covid-19 recovery. Additionally, a greater administrative burden and (in some cases) import tax on imported goods are driving up the cost of bringing goods into the UK. Perhaps the third factor is the increase in haulage cost owing, in part at least, to a shortage of drivers.

So what are Primrose doing about it? Well, quite a lot actually. Having moved to a large industrial unit in early 2021, Primrose now keep 5000 meters of imported Canadian western red cedar cladding in stock. Almost everything Primrose need to build garden rooms is stored at the Watford warehouse. To further mitigate the affects of materials shortages, Primrose have pre-ordered popular window and doors configurations, securing the best prices for its clients.

It is perhaps inevitable that there will continue to be above inflation increases in the cost of materials for a while to come and this makes the case for booking in your garden room project now to secure the best pricing.